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Multi-Room Audio and Video is more than just having a bunch of TVs and speakers in your home. It’s really about how it all ties together. Do all of the speakers have to play the same thing? Can you share the feed from one TV onto another? Are there volume controls on the walls or can you adjust all of the volumes from your phone or tablet? Properly setting up multi-room audio and video will not only stretch your limits, but will also determine how easy it will be to use.

Media distribution most commonly refers to the placement of speakers and TVs throughout a home. For the longest time (and still today), TVs connected directly to the cable box, DVD players, game systems, etc. But there is a problem with this design. You had to get these components for every TV in the house, even if there were only two of you living there.

With the use of matrixed video and audio switches, you can distribute one DVD/blu-ray player, a couple cable boxes, one game system, and even a Roku or Apple TV across all of the TVs in your home. Regardless of which TV you are at, all of the sources are available to watch. This minimizes on the total number of components, makes upgrading to next-generation cheaper and easier, and lowers the cable bill since a cable box is no longer needed at every TV location.

And if you’re watching the big game, it’s easy to display a single source across all the TVs at once as well. Pair this with a matrixed audio system, now each person in your home can watch what they want, where they want, and at the volume they want. Just a few samples would include:

  • Modify the backlighting, select which PC to display on the projector, bring up the volume to the perfect level, all with one touch, reducing calls to your IT department for assistance.

  • Impress your colleagues, customers and partners with one-touch scenes that dim or raise the lights, and change the background music.

  • Integrate audio and video-conferencing systems into one easy-to-use experience.

  • Choose to manage the system from an elegant touch screen or an app on your tablet or smart phone.

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